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Budget Driving School was established to make an essential service affordable to the general public, while maintaining professionalism and reliability.

Operating in the Okanagan, Budget Driving School serves communities in Vernon, Lake Country and Kelowna.

Contact us today at 250.870.1217 or via email info@budgetdrivingschool.ca


Budget Driving School is operated independently by Ram, a professional and reliable driving instructor with 35 years of experience. Before opening Budget Driving School, Ram was an instructor at All Weather Driving School.


Our mission at Budget Driving School is to provide each student with a solid
foundation of knowledge and skills to help them become a safe, responsible,
and confident driver.

Patience and respect serve as our teaching model and we understand that
each person is unique. At Budget Driving School we provide a more
individualized experience through one on one sessions to meet the demands
of today’s ever changing and challenging driving environment.

We believe a company that is built upon the foundations of respect, honesty,
and fairness will offer the best customer satisfaction. Budget Driving School
strives to do just that.


You have 6 months to complete your lessons.

Road Test Packages
Package A
2 x 90 min lessons and car for road test $405 w/GST
Package B
1 x 90 min lesson and car for road test$285 w/GST
Package C
3 x 90 min lesson and car for road test$525 w/GST
Package D
5 x 90 min lesson and a 45 min mock test or car for road test$750 w/GST
Package E
10 x 90 min lesson and car for road test$1250 w/GST
Ready for Road Test Package
2 hours in total without car for road test$285 w/GST
2 hours in total with car for road test$420 w/GST
Road Tests
Road test in Kelowna $135
Road test in Vernon$145
This includes assessment of student’s performance and thorough coaching to prepare student for road test as listed below.
1. Pre-trip and cockpit controls
2. 360 degree checks
3. Blindspots and shoulder checks
4. R & L turns and hand over hand steering
5. Lane position and following distance
6. Acceleration and deceleration
7. Review and improve turns and space cushion
8. Scan left, centre, right on intersections
9. Reverse straight
10. Approach before entering intersection
11. Slowing and stopping before turning
12. Scan intersection
13. 4 way stops and hazard perception
14. Hill parking
15. Turn signals (communication)
16. 2 point and 3 point turns
17. Reverse stall parking / front stall parking
18. Parallel parking
19. Downtown driving and one way streets
20. Merging
21. Highway driving
22. Weather conditions
23. Speed maintenance
24. High speed corners
25. Route awareness
26. Alley ways
27. Emergency procedures
28. Legal responsibilities
29. Running commentary
30. Preparation for road test


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Single Lessons
Additional Services